Judy Moore Vader

Rescued . Redeemed . Restored

Judy is a Christian Communicator who is passionate about encouraging women to enter into a love relationship with God, thus experiencing the freedom of knowing they have been rescued, redeemed and restored.  Judy dynamically shares the peaks and valleys of her own life revealing the unfathomable grace and forgiveness that is available to all!

Judy grew up in a church going family in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  God began His amazing work in her life right from the beginning, although that realization took hold many years later.  After experiencing joyful and “charmed” early years, adulthood brought many challenges, as well as opportunities.  Marriage, infertility, adoption, childbirth, challenging child rearing, debilitating depression, divorce, and ultimately remarriage…all were experiences God used to draw Judy closer to Him,  teaching her about His sovereignty and his sufficiency.  Today she describes herself as a “Daughter of the King” in spite of it all!


Here are the topics she speaks on

Daughter of the King: a personal journey toward living life with purpose

Judy’s heart for women inspires her to share with truth and clarity, those parts of her life journey that are not so pretty, as well as the victories.  Listen to her story of how the Truth of the Bible became alive; how Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, asked just the right question to bring her into a relationship with Jesus.  Judy’s focus is on encouraging women to “lay aside every weight, and sin which clings” (Hebrews 12:1), to allow the freeing power of Jesus to inspire women to live with purpose.


Jesus Is The light of the World: punching holes in the darkness

Christmas is a magical time and celebrated in a variety of ways, depending on your traditions, culture, family makeup, etc.  Judy draws from life events to illustrate the value of light, especially the best light of all time!  (John 8:12) How do we bring light into our culture that is becoming darker and darker?  Was it really any better that first Christmas?


Does your journey take you to the manger?

What do we really know about Mary, the mother of Jesus?  What can we glean from the role that Joseph played in this grand drama? (Matt. 1: 19-21) Their journey to Bethlehem is a familiar story. Where is your journey taking you?  Is it a smooth ride or have you hit a few potholes along the way?  Did you just begin or have you been traveling awhile?  Let’s explore the provisions, the map, the route and the commitment we need to travel the path with Jesus.


Growing Up in Christ

Stand firm!  Be Mature and fully assured! The Bible has much to say about being “mature”.  Let’s unpack that idea of being mature in our walk with God.  Is it about age?  Or maybe it has more to do with how many years we attended Sunday School?  Does going to church every Sunday mean that we have “arrived?”  What does it meant to be a woman of strength? Deut. 10: 12 & 13 are wonderful verses to stir us to action.  II. Corinthians 5:17 reminds us of how God replaces our old hearts with new ones when we commit our lives to Jesus.  (Good message for “senior” women.)


Best Friends

Do you have a “best friend”? How did you arrive at the understanding of “best friend” status?  Building a friendship doesn’t just happen; there are proactive steps we take to develop deep friendships.  Isn’t it the same with Jesus?  What?! You mean I can have a personal friendship with the One Who hung the stars and put all of creation in place?   In Exodus 33:11 we see a picture of the Lord speaking to Moses as a friend.  The book of Proverbs has great nuggets to discover regarding friendship.


Beauty – More Than Skin Deep

As women we can allow ourselves to buy into how our culture defines beauty…which leads to questions about how we dress and what our clothes say about us.  That topic naturally takes us to the deeper questions about how we “dress” ourselves inwardly.  How do we develop the inner qualities that please God and shine that “Jesus light” from our uniqueness?  This topic can be adapted for a Mother’s Day event or stand on its own.


Contact Information

Is there a different topic you have in mind for your event, seminar, conference or banquet?  Judy would be happy to present on a topic of your choosing. She would love to partner with you to reach women for Jesus and/or encourage them in their journey of faith. She travels from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. You can contact her here:

Judy Moore Vader