About Me

Who I Am

My name is Judy Moore Vader and although I have multiple roles, (wife, mother, grandmother, etc.) I most value my identity as “daughter of the King”.   The heart of my ministry is to share with women God’s  grace, love Truth and forgiveness that they may be free to live with purpose.

I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (anyone familiar with the term “Yooper” or “U.P.”?), in a loving church-going family but when I graduated from high school, I couldn’t wait to experience life beyond my small town. I attended Western Michigan University and enjoyed college life, unfortunately, to the exclusion of developing my relationship with God.  I was married just before my last semester, finished school and “settled down”.

The first years of married life brought challenges, including infertility issues that led to 4 miscarriages.  I was uncommitted to a church family, knew little about God’s Word and discovered doing life without God was not where I wanted to be.  About 3 years into my marriage I found a church and began to reconnect with God and the Christian community. It was like coming home!  God eventually blessed us with 2 sons through adoption and a natural birth experience.

When the boys were little, we moved to Raleigh, NC where God really got my attention in a powerful way.  I attended Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and it was through the teaching of Anne Graham Lotz and the Word of God that I came to truly make Jesus Lord of my life.  Bible study became a central focus and I began to learn how to apply Biblical principles to my every day life.

After 28 years my marriage came to an end and my life turned upside down. I was challenged with keeping myself afloat financially for the first time ever.  Navigating the world of “adult singles” was a messy time of my life; not sure why God didn’t just give up on me.  But He didn’t!

In 2004 I married a former high school classmate and moved back to the U.P.  God led us to a Bible believing church where we both began to grow in our walk with God.  Through my unique life experiences, God called and equipped me to lead women, which I did through a leadership role in Women’s Ministry at my local church.  After stepping down from that particular position I continue to be involved in preparing women for leadership. I also enjoy meeting with and mentoring women of all ages.

The primary reason I am writing this blog is because God is calling me to develop a speaking ministry and social media is an important part of this new journey.  I have had occasional  past experiences speaking to Christian audiences and more recently the Holy Spirit seriously pulled on me to get this speaking ministry ramped up! I am a graduate of the 2014 Christian Communicator’s Conference and through that venue, God spoke loud and clear.  I am also a Stonecroft Ministries speaker.  It is all about HIM!  He rescues, He redeems and He restores!

My Statement of Faith

My faith rests on the one and only triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I believe the scriptures, in their original texts, are the absolute Truth, written by human hand but inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Because of the fall of man, sin became the default mode for all of us and God provided the perfect sacrifice in His Son, Jesus.

I believe that God, in the person of Jesus (fully man and fully God) came to earth, was born to a virgin, lived a perfect life, hung on the cross and shed His blood that my sins are forgiven.  Jesus died but rose again and is (in the future) returning to the earth, ultimately to bring me and all believers to live with God forever.  I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and my eternal life with God hinges on having a personal relationship with His Son.  There is nothing I can do, on my own, to earn eternal life.

God gives each of us spiritual gifts to glorify Him and build up His church.  It is my desire to use my gifts to share with other women that God desires to rescue, redeem and restore all of us!  I look forward to being a speaker where women are gathered to hear about God’s transforming love.