Travel by airplane is a wonderful way to get from one place to another….unless of course, there are delays.  And delays can be pretty significant.  We have twice had to spend a night in a “layover” city; once we opted for the Denver airport floor as our overnight resting place (my backpack was a less than ideal pillow) and more recently we headed for a motel in Detroit.  Of course, even with those delays and inconveniences (no pj’s, no deodorant…thankfully my husband shares his stuff generously!), I must admit, they were adventures we could embellish in the retelling.

I am again anticipating another flying adventure this week with a wonderful destination I mind!  Can’t wait to see our grandsons:  Henry (age 5, birthday this week) and Gus (almost 1)…and, of course, their mom and dad!  It’s a long travel day with an early check-in time, but my end goal makes it all worth it! After that it’s on to Arizona to meet up with my husband and other family members for some R&R, sunshine and family time.

All of this gets me to  thinking about the process we rarely consider as we focus on the “what” and “when” and “how” of making plans.  I have not yet heard of anyone who has asked to interview the pilots before getting on the aircraft: how much flying experience have they had?  Are they rested?  What about the other passengers?  We, of course, have read about occasional issues with passengers but, for the most part, it seems we find our gate, go through the usual preparation and get on the plane.  How do you think it would go if we asked for a background check on everyone before getting on the plane?

What about the food providers at the airports? Do they wash their hands often?  Is the food healthy…prepared in a clean kitchen?  Maybe we should inspect the kitchen before we order.

I know, this all sounds really absurd and yet, every day, we trust others to do their jobs, to perform according to preset standards, and to keep us safe.  Apart from a rare personal crisis or a national crisis like 9/11, we continue to trust in our bus drivers, pilots, food preparers, babysitters, etc. etc.

By now you may have a good idea where I am going.  God asks us to trust Him in all things and He has a great track record!  He promises to never forsake us or leave us.  He promises to get us safely “home”!  (When I get on that airplane this week, I will either land in Portland, OR or I will “land” in heaven. It’s all good!)

My Bible concordance lists 26 different verses that include the words trust, trusted, trusts or trustworthy (and most likely it is only a partial list).  Proverbs 3:5 instructs us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts…and that we are not to lean on our own understanding.  If I can place my trust in a swim instructor to teach me to swim without drowning surely I can place my trust in the God Who created me; His Word is trustworthy.

Proverbs 11:28 (such wisdom is found in Proverbs!) warns us to NOT trust in our riches.  It’s all too easy to place our trust in the things of this world, thinking enough money, power, charm (fill in the blank) will get us the desires of our hearts.  If that is the case, why are there so many “popular, wealthy, powerful” people in Hollywood who, by those standards, should be happy, healthy, have-it-all-together people?  The  most joy-filled people I know are my fellow Christian sojourners who “get” that a relationship with God, through His Son is what brings true peace and contentment.

Following is a personal translation of the 23rd. Psalm by Leslie Brandt (from her book, Psalms Now)”:

“The Lord is my constant companion, there is no need that He cannot fulfill.  Whether His course for me points to the mountaintops of glorious ecstasy or to the valleys of human suffering, He is by my side, He is ever present with me.  He is close beside me when I tread the dark streets of danger, and even when I flirt with death itself, He will not leave me. When the pain is severe, He is near to comfort.  When the burden is heavy, He is there to lean upon.  When depression darkens my soul, He touches me with eternal joy.  When I feel empty and alone, He fills the aching vacuum with His power; my security is in His promise to be near to me always, and in the knowledge that He will never let me go.”

Friend, my prayer is that you experience the deep peace that comes with placing your trust in the One Who knows you, loves you and has purpose for your life.  I am looking forward to the pleasures and adventures of travel this week, knowing I can totally trust in God’s presence, protection and provision.  But even more, I am trusting God to take me through the perils of this life, to bring me safely home.